Learning a New Language: How to Get Started

Whatever language you wish to learn, it is important that you gain a basic vocabulary, and also an intelligible accent.

Here are some tips:

Find a native speaker with whom you can converse.

This will provide invaluable practice, and help you to hear the language properly. You can offer conversation in your own language as a quid pro quo. Spend 30 minutes talking in language 1, then the next 30 minutes talking in language 2.

You may be lucky enough to already have a friend you can do this with, but if not, you can place an advertisement, approach people you meet, fall into conversation at a bus stop. It’s as easy as that, and much better than struggling with cds or computer programs.

Watch films in the language you wish to acquire.

Choose subjects that interest you, turn subtitles on or off, and put your feet up while you watch a movie or two. Watch the same movie two or three times. This will help you to pick up the accent, increase your vocabulary, and learn some slang (street talk)

Read newspapers in the language you wish to acquire

Either print versions or on line. Read the articles, the adverts, the births marriages and death notices….

Watch TV in the language you wish to acquire

This will help enormously. Especially good programs to watch are, the news, quiz shows, children’s TV.

Read a children’s book

Books for small children will help to learn the names of items. Sentence structure will be simplified, and repetition will be used. All this will be of use to you.

When you learn a new word or phrase, try and use it within 24 hours

This will help to fix it in your mind.

Before you go to sleep, review what you have learned

and repeat it silently to yourself a few times.

These tips will not replace conventional learning, ie classes and courses, but they have helped me to learn good idiomatic French, and they can help you too. Whichever language you wish to learn.

Good luck.

Marketing Strategies that Can Be Used on Facebook

Facebook is almost considered best website in the world and that is the reason there are ample business opportunities which can be harped upon in this site. But if you have decided to market your business in Facebook then it is important that you know some of the marketing strategies which are to be used in Facebook.

The first thing which you ought to remember as you decide to market in Facebook is to maintain the individuality. Never try to put on an image of others. It is advised that you are very flexible and loose in your approach. At the same time it is said that when you are marketing the business in the Facebook, you need to use some of your discretion and talking about the business for the entire time is not at all a good idea. Keep in mind the fact people are more interested to know about you before they know more about your business. There is no other option but to follow the right kind of strategies for marketing success in Facebook. It has been a proven fact that people all across the globe spend most of their time in Facebook. In fact only Google receives higher traffic than Facebook.

If you decide to market your business through Facebook, it is suggested that you create a separate a business account which is different from your personal account. On the other hand it is said that if you desire to develop a brand image it is a far better idea to create a fan page. In fact this page is the best option to share all your business opportunity. It has been seen that Fan pages rank fine in the search pages; hence it is very evident that if you have a very popular fan page it will rank well in the Google search.

At this juncture keep in mind that once people get adequate information on the business owner, they are interested to learn more about the business. It is also wise to remember that people have lot of options as far as business opportunity is concerned; hence it is important that you decide something which is different from all the others. People love photographs so it is advised that you upload some of the photos of your friends and family, along with these personal pictures having a professional photograph is also imperative. Finally it can be said that following these marketing strategies you can achieve immense success in Facebook.

Marketing with Your Customer in Mind: Martina’s Little Shack

Small Business Owners Can Learn from a Little Seamstress Who Puts Her Customers First

How many businesses really show how much they care for their customers? Honestly, if you go from one vendor to the next trying to find a good bargain (i.e., inexpensive but great quality), did you use your intuition to guide you? I did. Or maybe I do most of the time. I pride myself for being a great shopper, so let me tell you something about a wonderful seamstress. She will go by the name of Martina.

Back view of a young woman in wedding dress looking at bridal gowns on display in boutique

I actually went to a couple other seamstresses to help me fix my wedding dress. Although I ordered it according to my specific size, the straps were a little too long, and the chest area of the dress was too loose even with a push-up bra. So off I went to visit the first two seamstresses. One had a home-based business. She had me try it on, and I couldn’t find any traces of her sewing machine or pins anywhere. I told her what was wrong with the dress, and I offered a suggestion. She took it. I was surprised that I knew better than her. She put pins on the areas under my arm because that’s what I told her. I told her I want an inch off and she agreed. I also showed her the parts of the dress where there were light blue stains. I had no idea what they were or where they came from. The seamstress said she doesn’t want to touch it because it might ruin the dress. She offered to stitch the areas with the blue stain to hide them. Then I asked her about the pricing; she said it will cost around $40 to $50. And I asked how long it will take before she gets the dress fixed, she said it will take at least a week.

I did not judge the first two seamstresses but I was aware I could get a better deal somewhere. So I told them I’m taking my dress with me and talk to another person before I see them again.

First Impressions
My first impression with the third seamstress, Martina, was that of slight horror. I drove to her little shack and missed it. It was dingy. Inside, it was a mess of spools and used clothes. Scraps lying on the couch. Old sewing machines; archaic embroidery machines. Even the whole body mirror didn’t have a stand. I tried to convince myself that this was not the place to get your wedding dress fixed. Martina herself looked a little shabby.

The Antsy Bride
So I told her about my dilemma and she looked at the dress. She had me try it on (she didn’t even have a dressing room!). Then I told her what I wanted her to do with it, just like I did with the other seamstresses. She disagreed. She said I needed two inches taken off the straps. She didn’t put a pin in the areas under the arm because she said it will ruin the dress. Instead, tighten up and sew the cleavage part of the dress. I was not sure that was the right thing to do. I was very anxious and wanted to look pretty on my wedding day. If the dress doesn’t turn out okay, then I’m damned. I was hoping Martina could sympathize.

As she stuck the pins on the front part of the dress, she poked herself and left tiny droplets of blood on the white chiffon dress. Oh my God! I was horrified. “You just stained my dress!” I cried. “Don’t worry,” she said. I can take it off with peroxide. “I had done it before.” And then I told her about the blue stains. She said she will ask her friend that works at the laundromat. The friend apparently is an expert when it comes to matters of delicate cleaning. I felt relieved.

I asked Martina about her pricing. “Twenty-five dollars plus tax.” I was surprised. Then I asked her how long it will take for her to finish the dress. She said, in about a week, depending on her workload. I begged her to put my wedding dress on the top of her priority list.

Martina and I finally shared a few stories about our experiences before I left her little tumbledown shack. She hung my dress up on the wall. I looked at it lovingly. I was praying she will not mess it up.

Unexpected Service
The next day, when I was at work, I got a call from Martina saying my dress was ready. Good Lord! I told her I couldn’t come over and get the dress on the same day, so I visited her the next day when I was off. I asked her, how come she got it done so fast? She said, she got so nervous and sympathized with me as a bride. She did not want me to worry on my wedding day.

I tried the dress on and thought it fit alright, albeit just a little tight on me. It felt like she cut off too much of the straps. I could see from the inside of the dress’ cleavage how much she stitched to tuck it in. I felt the difference, and it fit better than when I first brought it in. Then the most amazing thing struck me. The blue stains and the blood were gone! She told me she just used regular soapy detergent to take the blue stains (it turned out they were the ink used to mark the fabric) and peroxide against the tiny blood stains. I was so happy!

I thanked Martina and paid her the invoice. Now you’ll ask, what happened to the other seamstresses? Well, I did not try to contact them because I found a vendor that knew what she was doing. Despite the weird first impression, Martina proved to be a great business owner. She cared about her clients and sympathized with them. She did not charge a whole lot for the quick service. I don’t know about her range of clientele, but I will certainly recommend her to any friend who is looking for someone who could get the job done right and on time.

View from a Wheelchair

When my friend, let’s call her Becky, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 18 years ago no one knew what course it would take. That is one of the frightening things about this disease. The doctors can’t tell you what particular symptom to be ready for because to our understanding there is no road map to follow.

Becky first noticed numbness in her fingers which lasted several days and stopped. Next was the jaw drawing up on one side and the doctor diagnosed Bell’s palsy. The jaw returned to normal and then the knees went weak, first one and then the other. At first a therapist said Becky had a mobile knee cap but when the problem left one knee and went to the other and she lost bladder control while on a picnic one day he sent her on to the ER. Even then the diagnosis wasn’t clear. The medical team gathered round and discussed the problems and pretty much decided she had a tumor on her spine causing the problems. With that they decided to do an MRI. Becky was terrified with that ordeal but came through like a trooper. Waiting to know is always the hardest. By early the next morning the answer came and the brain scan showed she was dealing with Multiple Sclerosis.

She quickly went from unbalanced gait to walking with a cane. Then she would lose her balance while trying to stand with a walker. There were times when she couldn’t get up out of bed and that was treated with steroids. The magic steroids would surge through her body and up out of the bed she would come and even be able to walk pretty normal for a few days. Of course the steroids could not be continued because over all they would end up doing her more harm than good. After about a year of struggling to stay on her feet it was decided a wheelchair would be the safer equipment for her to use. So, Becky began her years of life in a wheelchair. She was but 26 when first diagnosed and now she is 42. The disease seemed to find its most prominent route for her and left Becky immobile from the waist down and has remained that way for several years.

She has experienced life in a wheelchair day in and day out for many years. At first she used a manual chair, then progressed to electric and did pretty well getting around except when shopping. The shopping experience is not easy when you are maneuvering in a wheelchair.

Trying to get into many stores is only the beginning of the problems. First comes trying to find a wheelchair space to park the van. It is a fact that many unthinking people park in these places for a quick shot at the store and leave those who really need the space making trips around the parking lot in search of a roomy place to park. You see the van spaces marked for those with disabilities are for vans. There is a reason for particular spaces marked for vans. Some of them have side doors that need to be opened and a lift pulled out to allow the wheelchair user to be lowered down while setting in the chair.

So many times Becky has found a wheelchair space only to come back out of the store and find a vehicle parked on the striped lines right beside her van. No way to get in the van then until the person who decided to block access to the side door and lift comes back and moves their vehicle. By the way, one of the worst things for a person with MS is heat. So many times Becky has come out of the store into summer heat to find no way into her van and then rather than wait she would have her driver back the van out into the lane of the parking lot so she could get into the cool air in the van.

While trying to stay out of the way in the parking lot she has found many rude drivers who don’t have a minute to wait while the van is moved for her so she can get in. Now we need to mention getting on into the store. Oh yes, they have complied with the law that tells them they must be wheelchair accessible but many are on the border of not accessible at all. The ramps are sometimes very narrow, far from the door, steep, cement broken and some leave little room for turning onto a narrow sidewalk.

Not all stores have nice buttons on the outside of the door to push for automatic opening. Not all people want to help the person in the chair. Some do help and are very nice but many are not. Now once in the door comes another adventure. Becky decides to visit the toy aisle to purchase something for her children.

Starting down one aisle she notices people shopping and to be polite she maneuvers to another only to find boxes of inventory waiting to be shelved. Another aisle has product placed in the middle with no room for passing in a wheelchair. After some time Becky finally makes it to the toy aisle.

Her field of vision is the bottom of the shelf to a little over waist high for those who walk. As she reaches for a product many times those who walk are in a hurry and reach in front of her to grab what they want. Some do say “excuse me” and others frown for the inconvenience of reaching.

Becky takes it all in stride but then as she makes her way to the check out some will walk in front of her causing her to stop her chair abruptly to keep from running into them. She does get somewhat frustrated with her shopping experience. When finally at the check out she finds the clerk in a hurry and agitated that it takes Becky a minute to get her money out to pay. Back to the parking lot and into the van and home. That little haven of rest where the world is shut out and it’s her, the kids and her husband.

The store is one struggle for the wheelchair user but there is another that would seem a surprise. Becky needs to visit her doctor and at times the ER or has a hospital stay. Beginning with the doctor Becky never has a real exam. The doctor’s offices are often small with not much room for turning the chair around. The exam table is out of the question because the office is not equipped with a lift or people to help Becky out of her chair to be checked like anyone else visiting the doctor.

The ER is no better. Becky is seen at the ER for serious urinary tract infections from time to time. It turns into an embarrassing situation for her there as a big commotion starts with the attendants trying to figure out how to get her into the bed. Becky has offered to bring her own lift to the hospital but that can’t be done because of insurance practices.

There are times she has tears in her eyes while setting quietly, trying to be a little dignified while the professionals decide how to handle the situation. After she is finally in the bed and the doctor has visited, the tests run, prescriptions written then when it’s time to go home it all starts again with getting her out of the bed and into the chair. Her wait is longer while they figure out again how to move her. It seems incredulous that this happens in our modern doctor’s offices and hospitals but it does.

Becky suffers from pressure wounds from her life in the wheelchair and needs a new reclining office chair and help relieve her body from the ravages of setting day in and day out. She is given big sales pitches from companies who promise her they will have a new chair in a matter of months. So far she is still waiting … two years later.

Just so Becky’s story doesn’t leave the reader too depressed you must know that she feels very blessed. She has been married for 12 years and is raising three children. She has an 8 year old and a set of 4 year old twins. There is family who cares for her and she is able to stay in her own home with personal care attendant services and home health.

Still life in a wheelchair is very confining especially when at one time she was very active. The thing Becky wants the most is to be treated like any other mother and wife. She doesn’t want to be talked down too and wants others to know that just because her body doesn’t work right they should not assume that her brain doesn’t either.

Becky is quite capable of hearing when others talk to her. No need to shout. She can read and write and do all the things ‘normal’ people can do just with a few limitations. Many people assume that a disabled person is just automatically mentally disabled and can’t hear besides!

If you take anything away from this article please do this. The next time you are shopping, visiting the doctor, parking your car or any other every day activity take a moment and think how you would do these things in a wheelchair. Perhaps it will change your view of the next wheelchair user you see.

Life in a wheelchair can be managed nicely but it is a difficult life to say the least. Thankfully Becky stays pretty much upbeat about her life with the one thing that bothers her most being those people who treat her as though she is less of a person because she is setting down. Best wishes to all those who are making a good life in a wheelchair. God bless you!

How to Properly Vent a Gas Water Heater

To Be Honest Its Really Not as Hard as You Think

This is a project that you do need to take serious! Failure to install your vent properly could be fatal to your home and family. Like with any project you will need some supplies, and a free Saturday or Sunday! In know time flat you will see how to properly vent a gas water heater!

Your checklist is as follows.

  • Plumb bob
  • saw
  • Roof Jack
  • Tarp
  • Sheet metal screws
  • Starter plate
  • double wall pipe
  • silicone sealant
  • vent cap
  • conduction pipe
  • storm collar
  • and last but not least a Power Drill!
  1. Suspend your plumb bob from the center of the ceiling above the heaters draft hood. Next make sure you clearly mark the location on the ceiling. Wrap your heater up with your tarp, then proceed to cut 5 inch diameter hole in the ceiling.
  2. If you have an attic space, repeat step 1. Again, make sure you mark the area clearly on the roof sheathing. When cutting the hole in the roof, make sure it is about 2 inches larger in diameter then the double wall vent that you have chosen.
  3. Next, climb up onto your roof and place the roof jack underneath the shingles until the center of the jack hole is over the roof hole. Then, take your marker and trace the outline of the jack. Once you have finished you can now pull the jack out.
  4. Put four holes along the edge of the jack (remember to do each edge) coating the the bottom with some roof mastic. Putting the jack back in place, screw it down along the sides and finally cover the screws with more mastic.
  5. Place your starter plate into the ceiling. Now your instructions will vary not all models are installed the same way. I suggest following those instructions during this step.
  6. Run your double wall pipe from the starter plate up all the way through the roof jack. Again check with the manufacturers instructions to know exactly where to terminate the remaining pipe.
  7. Using your pipe and silicone seal off the joint of the roof jack. Next, slide the storm collar over the pipe and use your silicone to seal the joint down. Then top the pipe with the cap.
  8. Finally cut the vent connector to the correct size. Insert one end into the double wall vent pipe and the other end into your water heater. If need be you may need to use an adapter bushing to fit the connector into the vent pipe. Just a suggestion, but not always required.

I hope that your new found knowledge of how to properly vent a gas water heater will benefit you and your family.

Ten Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Tips

Many home owners think that they have to spend a ton of money to upgrade their décor. However, I have found that all that’s needed is creativity and thriftiness. So here are tips on how you can decorate your home on a budget.

Upgrade your shine.
Anything that gleams adds instant drama. So make sure you group glass bottles , picture and vases in the front window.

Dress up drawers.
Make an ordinary dresser the center of attention by covering the drawer fronts with brightly colored scrapbook paper. This is something that my interior decorators do.

Rearrange accessories.
One way I freshen up my home was by rearranging accessories from room to room. Mix high and low items to create points of interest.

Turn dishtowels into curtains.
If you want to save money on curtains for your kitchen, hang dishtowels instead and a clip with rings.

Switch up your sheets.
Don’t be afraid to combine sheet sets and pillows for an exciting new look. Combine different sheets sets and pillows for an exciting new look each time you change.

Mix textures the way designers do.
Mixing textures gives dull accessories designer flair. Glue spar buttons onto plain vases or candle holders for a more stylish surface and a pearly glow. You can attach to the surface with a low temperature glue gun.

Use personal photos to decorate walls.
On a budget and cant afford fancy artwork? Then display photographs of your garden flowers or plants. You can make the prints stand out.

Use every decorators’ secret weapon.
Fresh fruit is one of decorators’ favorite accessory because it’s the easiest way to add bold accents to a room. Oranges, lemons and limes are just few examples of fruits that work well has decorating pieces.

Decorate your home with tiered display.
Tiered displays take on a more importance than horizontal ones. So layer plates between sturdy cups to make your won. Use craft putty to keep the tiers topple-proof.

Upgrade your vases with ribbon.
I have found that the best way to turn plain vases into statements is by covering the surface with ribbon remnants. Cut a piece to fit around the container, hold in place with double stick tape. Also if you want to make your vases complement the colors in your room, just add food coloring to the water to create a rainbow of hues.

I hope my tips will help make decorating your house, fun, easy and affordable.

Sleep Tight: A Good Night’s Sleep is the Key to Better Brain Power

It may sound cliché but a good nights sleep is imperative if we are to reach our full potential in life and business. Our brains don’t function at the highest level if we neglect this part of our nightly routine. Studies have shown how sleep deprivation can affect our memory, our cognition, and our ability to make proper decisions.

What are some ways we can ensure a good night’s sleep so that our brains function to maximum capacity?

Figure out how much sleep you need – First and foremost you need to determine how much sleep you body needs to feel fully rested. This is different for everyone. How many hours a night do you usually sleep? Do you feel fully rested after that amount? Start setting a schedule and go to bed at a certain time each night to see how many hours your body normally rests. This will help you get a nightly routine in place. Once you start being consistent you will notice how much more refreshed and energized you are to sleep the same amount of time each night.

Take naps – If you tend to lose a few hours of sleep here and there make sure to give yourself time to nap during the day. Don’t make it a habit to sleep late but rather take a power nap or two to get back that time you missed. You will be surprised at how much better you feel after a nap or two. Naps re-energize our brain and eliminate that fuzzy, sluggish feeling that comes with being tired. If you begin to notice yourself not sleeping well at night try eliminating naps for a while until you get back on schedule.

Unwind – Give yourself ample time to unwind at night before going to bed. Engage in some calming activities that will take your mind off of the days events and allow your mind to clear. Reading, taking a hot bath, meditation, or taking a leisurely walk are ways to help yourself de-stress and get your prepared for a great night’s rest.  You will be surprised at how well you sleep if you maintain this routine each night. Consistency is the key.

Maintaining a good night’s sleep is important if we want to become the best version of ourselves. If we hope to meet our goals, achieve success, and be happy overall we can’t deprive ourselves of one of the most important parts of our daily routine. Find a daily routine that works for you and be consistent about following it. Making sleep a priority in your life is one of the most important things you can do for your future success and happiness.

Live Longer with these 5 Healthy Habits

Throughout our lives we will form habits that will improve our quality of life and some that will not. The most important thing we can do is take control of our lives and habits we pick up over time. Although it’s true that no one knows how long they will live, there are steps we can take to ensure we are being as proactive and healthy as we possibly can. Allowing certain habits to become a part of your daily routine will not only enhance your life but attribute to your overall health.

Exercise – Finding an exercise routine that fits with your schedule and your comfort level is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Whether it be walking, jogging, yoga, or working out at the gym as long as you keep your body active and moving your health will reap the benefits. Exercise makes you feel great and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Exercise also goes hand in hand with eating healthier and making better choices in that area of your life as well.

Healthier Eating – Those that want to get a jumpstart on a healthy life know it’s imperative to make wise choices in the kitchen. Start bringing whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables into your home. Stay away from the processed, unhealthy choices that line the aisles at the grocery store will give you a great head start. This can be difficult at first if you are not used to making healthy choices. Discipline is required to avoid the over advertised products that hold no nutritional value and will only lead to more unhealthy habits down the road.

Follow your dreams – This may sound cliché but going after something you want in life will do wonders for your overall health. It makes sense that if you are doing something you love you will live a life that is healthier, more fulfilled, and happy. This is simply because you are letting nothing hold you back from following your heart and carving out your own path to success.

Maintain your relationships – People need other people in their lives in order to have a more fulfilling life. Social interaction is necessary for people to form a strong network that will be there for them when needed. Those who go without that special bond are prone to bouts of depression and loneliness. Throughout our lives it’s important to take advantage of these connections, nurture, and maintain them.

Forget about retirement – Instead of retirement, find a career or vocation that you don’t need or want to retire from. When we have a reason to get up every morning our minds keep working, our health is better, and our daily routine is intact. Without something to work towards many people fall into a downward spiral because they stop putting their talents, skills, and mind to work.

Creating healthy habits will not only enrich the life you currently live but also give you a much better change of living a longer more fulfilled life. With any good habit comes discipline and effort. Once you make these changes the benefits will far outweigh any pain or discomfort you went through in the process. We all want to live this life for as long as possible and making these habits part of your daily routine will give you a huge jumpstart in that direction.


It’s important to notice the habits you include as part of your daily routine. These habits, both good and bad, affect every aspect of your future health and success. There is a correlation between choosing to live a life full of healthier, more fulfilling habits and the level of success those daily habits bring. Your sleep patterns, what you eat, and the types of activities you engage in now all have an affect on what the future will hold.  Creating a plan, taking action, and allowing some of the better habits to enrich your life will have a direct result on the amount of success you achieve throughout your lifetime. All it takes is a little time and effort to maintain a routine that will benefit you for years to come.

How to Train Yourself to Be Creative: Spend Time Alone

If you talk to individuals who are highly creative, one of the common themes you’ll find among them is that they enjoy being by themselves. It allows them to have quiet time, which can sometimes be really essential to honing in on your creativity.

While alone time is a good thing and does help get your creative juices flowing, by no means does it mean you have to be anti-social.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of spending time alone and how that can help boost your creativity in the process.

Benefit #1 – Increased Concentration

When you’re alone and not distracted, it’s easier to concentrate, which in turn can also help with your productivity. But there is one thing worth mentioning here and it has to do with distractions. Being alone with the TV on or while sitting in front of your computer is not the same thing as truly spending time with just yourself. Instead, find a place you can devote specifically to quiet alone time where you are free from distractions. Then set aside a specific time each time to go to that quiet space and let your creativity flow.

Benefit #2 – Clear Your Mind

When you spend time alone, free from distractions, you’ll find that it’s a quick and easy way to clear your mind. Not only does it free you from all the chaotic thoughts that race around in your head continually, it’s also an opportunity to unwind and relax. Creativity thrives when your body is relaxed and you’re mind is free of mental clutter. Again, just like mentioned in the benefit above, make time each day to clear your mind so you can tap into your creative self.

Benefit #3 – Problem Solving

Another benefit of spending time alone – and again we’re talking about quiet, distraction-free alone time – is that it gives you the space to problem solve. This is essential for increased creativity. When you begin to train yourself to spend quiet time alone and tap into your creative side, you’ll be able to start thinking about different solutions to solve a problem(s) you’re having. You can then begin to solve problems more effectively.

Does all this sound just a bit like meditation? Perhaps. But here’s the key: When you make time to be alone – even if it’s just 20 minutes every day – your brain then becomes free to do what it does best – think. When you’re constantly bombarded by input from your smart phone, the television, a conversation with your spouse or coworker, the podcast you’re listening to and more, there simply isn’t room in your head for anything else.

So allow your brain the luxury of quiet time. You might just be surprised at how creative you can be, when you’re not so busy with other things.

Tap Into Your Imagination to Release Your Creative Spirit

Many people think that they don’t have a creative bone in their body but that just isn’t true. Remember when you were a kid and you could creatively make up games, build secret forts and more? Or how about that imaginary friend you talked to? Those things all prove that you once were creative and can be again. Learning to use your imagination again is a great way to work on developing your creativity.

Like a muscle, your imagination can become weak from disuse. By making time to exercise your imagination with a few fun mind games, you’ll soon find it’s strong enough to bring out your inner creative self. Here’s how.

Grab the nearest book or magazine you have close by – open it up to a random page and then choose one sentence. Now, let your imagination run wild and create a story based around that sentence. This is not only a great way to tap into your imagination, but it’s also a quick way to get your creative juices flowing. If you ever find you’re hitting that dreaded writers block, this is a quick trick to use to help get past it.

Pick a superpower – yes, you read that correctly. It may sound a bit silly but don’t skip over it. It’s fun, lets you bring your inner child out and it’s a great way to practice your imagination skills and in turn, bring the creativity out.

After you choose your superpower, don’t stop there. Now it’s time to let the creativity show. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How would I use this power?
  • When would I use this power?
  • How would my life change with this power?
  • What trouble would I get in?
  • What problems would be solved?

I bet you’ll be surprised at where your imagination takes you. Grab a pen and piece of paper and write as you do this exercise. Who knows what it could turn into – a blog post, an eBook, a YouTube video…the possibilities are endless.

Venture outside and take a walk – this one is simple and easy but incredibly powerful. As you walk, not only are you getting some fresh air and exercise, but you’re also allowing your mind to run free. Use your senses to get your imagination going. Example: smell – are you near pine trees? Breathe deep and smell the pine then start imagining being in an enchanted forest or medieval kingdom. The key here is to use as many of your five senses as you can and let your imagination go from there.

This is just a small list of ways you can tap into your imagination to help develop your creativity. By no means is this an exhaustive list of ideas, it’s just meant as a starting point for you. Once you’ve practiced these ideas, you’ll find more will come to you. The key is to not censor your thoughts, but to just allow your imagination to run wild, just like when you were a kid.

Marketing E-Books Using Ebay

E-books and other digital products were the cottage market on ebay.com with many sellers depending on it for a part of their profit. This has been one of the category that eBay banned on their website. Other e-books vendors utilized it as a way to market and to network their sales. For those who want to increase the scope of their network and be worry-free about the ban implemented by eBay, there are few methods that they should follow when they sell their e-books online.

People constantly seek solutions to their problems by seeking new information online. With this trend, e-books became an enormous business in the industry. However, there are great numbers of e-books making it hard for e-book writer to get the attention of readers. It takes time and resources in order to market e-books and get sales from it. The best solution to this problem would be E-books are basically published in the Internet and are saved digitally on the purchaser’s website or on a third party storage box. However, with eBay’s new policies, the eBay e-book has been altered. Thus, other option was made. This option is the method of delivery of saving the e-book on a disc and sending through snail mail to the client. This was launched to the eBay clients. However, these listings are not been presented to the figures on the virtual e-books directory. .

Presently, eBay does not permit members to sell their e-books online. However, they do motivate their e-books vendor to market their e-books by using eBay classified advertising. These are more costly than just posting their advertisements in the website. They do not also offer other method to sell e-book straight to the clients. The vendors should use the eBay classified ads instead of marketing it directly to customers by posting their e-books in their site.

eBay classified ads on e-books are very successful. There have been varied sales in eBay according to their forums and feedback from consumers. Many e-books vendors are happy with the money they invested to the classified ads when it comes to the return of their investments. The classified ads page of eBay with the e-books category is now at the Everything Else subcategory and also in the Information Products category. The current fee of posting in the classified ads of eBay is $9.95 for a month of listing. The eBay’s classified ads often feature sales letter presenting the e-books and a link to the seller’s website where they can buy the e-books. The difference with posting an ad from just posting an e-book listing in eBay is that the actual e-book can be downloaded in eBay rather than the seller’s website. This is more advantageous and more secure for both vendors and buyers. In this strategy, the sellers need to give their own marketing tools for their digital products, including their banners and various types of digital and e-books link. Then eBay will use these materials to advertise their digital products.