How to Properly Vent a Gas Water Heater

To Be Honest Its Really Not as Hard as You Think

This is a project that you do need to take serious! Failure to install your vent properly could be fatal to your home and family. Like with any project you will need some supplies, and a free Saturday or Sunday! In know time flat you will see how to properly vent a gas water heater!

Your checklist is as follows.

  • Plumb bob
  • saw
  • Roof Jack
  • Tarp
  • Sheet metal screws
  • Starter plate
  • double wall pipe
  • silicone sealant
  • vent cap
  • conduction pipe
  • storm collar
  • and last but not least a Power Drill!
  1. Suspend your plumb bob from the center of the ceiling above the heaters draft hood. Next make sure you clearly mark the location on the ceiling. Wrap your heater up with your tarp, then proceed to cut 5 inch diameter hole in the ceiling.
  2. If you have an attic space, repeat step 1. Again, make sure you mark the area clearly on the roof sheathing. When cutting the hole in the roof, make sure it is about 2 inches larger in diameter then the double wall vent that you have chosen.
  3. Next, climb up onto your roof and place the roof jack underneath the shingles until the center of the jack hole is over the roof hole. Then, take your marker and trace the outline of the jack. Once you have finished you can now pull the jack out.
  4. Put four holes along the edge of the jack (remember to do each edge) coating the the bottom with some roof mastic. Putting the jack back in place, screw it down along the sides and finally cover the screws with more mastic.
  5. Place your starter plate into the ceiling. Now your instructions will vary not all models are installed the same way. I suggest following those instructions during this step.
  6. Run your double wall pipe from the starter plate up all the way through the roof jack. Again check with the manufacturers instructions to know exactly where to terminate the remaining pipe.
  7. Using your pipe and silicone seal off the joint of the roof jack. Next, slide the storm collar over the pipe and use your silicone to seal the joint down. Then top the pipe with the cap.
  8. Finally cut the vent connector to the correct size. Insert one end into the double wall vent pipe and the other end into your water heater. If need be you may need to use an adapter bushing to fit the connector into the vent pipe. Just a suggestion, but not always required.

I hope that your new found knowledge of how to properly vent a gas water heater will benefit you and your family.