Sleep Tight: A Good Night’s Sleep is the Key to Better Brain Power

It may sound cliché but a good nights sleep is imperative if we are to reach our full potential in life and business. Our brains don’t function at the highest level if we neglect this part of our nightly routine. Studies have shown how sleep deprivation can affect our memory, our cognition, and our ability to make proper decisions.

What are some ways we can ensure a good night’s sleep so that our brains function to maximum capacity?

Figure out how much sleep you need – First and foremost you need to determine how much sleep you body needs to feel fully rested. This is different for everyone. How many hours a night do you usually sleep? Do you feel fully rested after that amount? Start setting a schedule and go to bed at a certain time each night to see how many hours your body normally rests. This will help you get a nightly routine in place. Once you start being consistent you will notice how much more refreshed and energized you are to sleep the same amount of time each night.

Take naps – If you tend to lose a few hours of sleep here and there make sure to give yourself time to nap during the day. Don’t make it a habit to sleep late but rather take a power nap or two to get back that time you missed. You will be surprised at how much better you feel after a nap or two. Naps re-energize our brain and eliminate that fuzzy, sluggish feeling that comes with being tired. If you begin to notice yourself not sleeping well at night try eliminating naps for a while until you get back on schedule.

Unwind – Give yourself ample time to unwind at night before going to bed. Engage in some calming activities that will take your mind off of the days events and allow your mind to clear. Reading, taking a hot bath, meditation, or taking a leisurely walk are ways to help yourself de-stress and get your prepared for a great night’s rest.  You will be surprised at how well you sleep if you maintain this routine each night. Consistency is the key.

Maintaining a good night’s sleep is important if we want to become the best version of ourselves. If we hope to meet our goals, achieve success, and be happy overall we can’t deprive ourselves of one of the most important parts of our daily routine. Find a daily routine that works for you and be consistent about following it. Making sleep a priority in your life is one of the most important things you can do for your future success and happiness.